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Language is the foundation of all learning and as parents, you do all you can to develop your child’s vocabulary. And for good reason. Research shows us that the size of a child’s vocabulary age five is a reliable predictor of academic attainment aged 18. It’s not just their school life that is affected though; children with a poor vocabulary at five are four times more likely to struggle with reading in adulthood and three times more likely to have lower self-esteem.

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Whilst all parents we talk to understand the importance of supporting vocabulary growth, many are at a loss about what more they can do to help. Reading widely is fundamental, as is taking every opportunity to have a chat! But if you’re looking for consistent and structured way of supporting your child’s language development, Bedrock can help.

Bedrock Vocabulary is a digital programme that teaches your child the type of language they will need to thrive at school and beyond. Progress data is sent straight back to you, so you can closely monitor your child’s engagement and progress with their vocabulary learning. Your parent dashboard will also show you exactly which words your child is working on that week so you can support their learning and throw those words in to your dinner time conversations!

Bedrock also encourages independent learning. Each child has their own profile and can access the lessons independently. All you need is an internet connection.

Tutors also find Bedrock to be a useful solution. When your time with a student is limited, Bedrock can be set as independent work to support the learning you do together. As one of our tutors said “Using Bedrock has made her written and spoken language much richer. I also notice that she is more confident tackling difficult texts and her comprehension has improved immensely.”


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