What is Bedrock Vocabulary?

Bedrock Vocabulary is a vocabulary curriculum which teaches vocabulary explicitly, whilst encouraging reading. We teach students the academic vocabulary they need to succeed in school.

Bedrock Vocabulary is designed for students from 6 to 16 years old.

There is a direct link between a pupil’s vocabulary size and their academic achievement. Narrow vocabularies affect pupils’ grades. Helping students to improve and widen their academic vocabulary is essential if outcomes are to improve.


  • Ready made vocabulary curriculum
  • Teaches hundreds of tier 2 words & task words
  • New language taught in multi-modal, engaging ways
  • Spaced learning algorithm supports long term retention of new language
  • Encourages reading and comprehension practice


  • Self marking & time efficient
  • Provides comprehensive vocabulary assessment
  • Badges & Certificates to reward progress


  • Provides word level data for individual students, classes, groups and the whole school
  • Allows data driven interventions
  • Facilitates parental engagement with language learning

If you’d like to transform your school into a place where language really matters, book a demo with one of our consultants or send us an email.

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Bett Awards 2019 - Finalist
ERA Awards 2019 - Finalist