How does it work?

Bedrock teaches students new vocabulary using research-based strategies. We offer a multi-modal programme to frequently immerse your students in aspirational, academic vocabulary. The type of language we teach is critical to academic success and is known as tier 2 vocabulary.

Research asserts that we need to encounter a new word in various contexts and explore it from several different angles, in order to commit that word to our long-term memory. So that’s exactly how we teach our students.

Vocabulary Curriculum

Bedrock Vocabulary is designed for students in KS2/KG2 up to KS4/Grade 10.

Creating a vocabulary curriculum from scratch is no easy or quick task. Our 8 year programme teaches hundreds of words, week in week out. Students discover the words in a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, which makes Bedrock much more than a vocabulary improvement tool – it guarantees your students read language-rich texts regularly.

Every word is assessed. Word-level data provides schools with a comprehensive understanding of the words that still need to be learnt by individuals, classes, year groups, or even the whole school

Each lesson takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Each block takes one academic year.

Request a trial

Are you interested in Bedrock Learning and looking to try it before signing up? We offer free trials for 30 days so you can see if this is the right tool for your school. During your trial period, one class and two teachers will have unlimited access to our application.

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